Acoustic studio in hcmc

Acoustic studio in hcmc

There are so many styles in nowaday modern music but the most popular is acoustic styles because of its simple characters in performance, and acoustic style is almost being loved by young music lover with just some wooden music instrument such as Acoustic guitar, Classic guitar, Cajon and some optional instrument like Tamborine or Maracas.

With those simple instruments you gonna create an acoustic band for yourself with some friends then play guitar and sing along to the rhythm that given from your styles.

And as you know there’s some thing you should have in your acoustic band like:

1/ Guitar: 2 guitars reccomended including, 1 acoustic guitar plays licking solo along to the chords, 1 Classic guitar plays background by chords for its warm character to make the mix richer.

2/ Cajon: this instrument will help your band plays along and in the same tempo like a motronome and sometime it would give more color to your rythms.

3/ Vocal: This would be the main vocal in your acsoustic band, this Vocalist might plays some optional instrument likes Tamborine or Maracas to colorining their songs.

So as you see, the factors above are almost the soul of an acoustic band but it just can apply to the very small spacious, how if there are hundreds people around to enjoy your performance?...Yes a amplifier system is necessery for this case.

So  the Guitars should have EQ or Pick-ups and connect to amplifier system that existing mixer, amplifier and speakers. Mixer plays duty that combine and synchronize all the instrument that’s connected to it then make it speaks throught amplifiers.

Almost the places that existing acoustic music performance have 1 system like that, so to give the bestest performance you bands should practise on a system like that, now at the music stores or studios they also equip this acoustic system for you guys to practise, it’s really a very interesting chance to all acoustic music lovers.

Hotline: 0909 168 742

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